A Tribute to Dorli Rainey

Courage & Grace Under Fire

"[Our action at Bangor] is the only way we can get to the public to let them know the outrageous things being done in our name.”
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From Dorli Rainey:

People keep asking me what they can do to help flooded Nickelsville. The best thing people can do (besides providing funds at the website http://www.sharewheel.org/ and click Donate ) is to send an e mail to the Mayor, Sally Clark, Council Chair, and City Council asking them to permit Nickelsville access to water, sewer, storm drains and electricity.

Nickelsville spends a lot of money on bringing in water, batteries, and Porta Potties. this money would go a long way towards paying utility bills. Access to the storm drain, which already exists, would have prevented the disaster the rain brought.

“Mike McGinn” <Mike.McGinn@Seattle.gov>,
“Bruce Harrell” <bruce.harrell@seattle.gov>,
“Jean Godden” <jean.godden@seattle.gov>,
“Mike O’Brien” <mike.obrien@seattle.gov>,
“Nick Licata” <nick.licata@seattle.gov>,
“Richard Conlin” <richard.conlin@seattle.gov>,
“Sally Bagshaw” <sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov>,
“Sally Clark” <sally.clark@seattle.gov>,
“Tim Burgess” <tim.burgess@seattle.gov>,
“Tom Rasmussen” <Tom.Rasmussen@seattle.gov>




Seattle Housing and Resource Effort, Women’s Housing Equality and Enhancement League

November 22nd, 2012

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